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2023 Monthly Program Schedule

Our meetings are held in the First Presbyterian Church located at 404 Spruce in Elk Rapids unless otherwise noted in the schedule below.

Social time begins at 12:30pm with speakers starting their presentations at 1:00pm.

Please note: There are no regularly scheduled programs in January, February, March, and November.

April 25th: The Importance of Good Dirt

John Caravetta has had a lifelong interest in plants. After acquiring two Agronomy degrees from Purdue University, he was a county agricultural extension agent (in the largest agricultural county east of the Mississippi) and then worked in the agricultural chemical industry. John’s talk will focus on understanding what is beneath our feet (soil) with facts about soil health and practices for sustainability and plant support.

LOCATION: First Presbyterian Church

Thank you to our hostesses: Linda Gruss, Kay Goodall, Jane Lund, Kathy Maxson

May 23rd: Bird Migration in Northern Michigan

Kirk Waterstripe is the science lab manager at Northwest Michigan College, a very enthusiastic and engaged birder, and an active member of the Grand Traverse Audubon Club. Kirk is coming to enlighten us about the incredible bird migrations happening at this time of year over Northern Michigan.

LOCATION: Elk Rapids Harbor Pavilion

Thank you to our hostesses: Catherine Brubaker, Judy Fishbeck, Karen Kingon, Paula Jorge

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June 27th: Biodynamic Wines

As a vintner, the personal philosophy of Dave Bos is to make world-class wine and to change the wisdom of farming back to the farming of 150 to 200 years ago. This entails using biodynamic and organic farming for grape production. Dave, a Michigan native, started as a biodynamic vineyard manager in Napa Valley, California. In 2010 BOS Wine was born with 48 cases of BOS Phoenix Ranch Syrah. Dave and his wife, Jackie, now share wines that are intimately involved with both California and Michigan grapes, at the BOS Wine Garden in downtown Elk Rapids, MI.

LOCATION: Elk Rapids Harbor Pavilion

Hostesses: Carol Davidson, Marlene Hulteen, Bonnie Miller, Rebecca Henry

Elk Rapids Garden Walk 2023

July 18th: 2023 Elk Rapids Garden Walk

"Keep it Blue: Celebrate Water"—Attendees can look forward to touring six delightful gardens across the greater Elk Rapids community whose owners are on a mission to preserve northern Michigan's beauty through water and land conservation.

Learn more and get your tickets today!

The Garden Walk is a biennial fundraiser event of the Elk Rapids Garden Club and supports the group’s mission to protect the environment and beautify the village for residents and visitors. Club members provide extensive volunteer-based service hours of garden work—over 1250 hours in 2022! Without these dedicated volunteers, the garden spaces throughout the community would not grow and thrive

LOCATIONS: The locations of this year's gardens are available after purchasing eTickets through EventBrite or on printed tickets.

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July 25th: Ferntastic!

Angie Bouma is a senior land steward with the Grand Traverse Regional Land Conservancy. Angie will be speaking about the ferns from the protected lands of the Grand Traverse Regional Land Conservancy. To quote Angie, “Ferns are great landscaping plants and there is a lot to learn about them!”

LOCATION: First Presbyterian Church

Thank you to our hostesses: Karen DeCook, Mary Anne Frey, Jan Johnson, Jane Deaver

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August 22nd: Water Quality and What it Means

Lauren Dey is a watershed management coordinator for the Tip of the Mitt Watershed Council. Since 1979 the Watershed Council has protected the water resources of five counties, including Antrim through advocacy, education, water quality monitoring, research, and restoration actions. Learn about the health of our lakes and streams, what the emerging issues are, and what we can do to help protect them.

LOCATION: Elk Rapids Harbor Pavilion

Thank you to our hostesses: Nancy Casciano, Sue Finlayson, Joyce Steffey, Sonja Perry

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September 26th: Our Town’s Gardens Nurtured by the Elk Rapids Garden Club

Robyn is a long-time resident of Elk Rapids and Garden Club member with a passion for local history. She narrated the historical review of gardens for the 9&10 News clips on our gardens in 2022, and she is the creator of the virtual garden tour video on the Our Gardens web page. Robyn will unveil the historical roots of each of our Club gardens complete with photos taken over the years and pictorial updates on current garden developments.

Please note: Social time begins at 11:30am with the luncheon served at noon.

LOCATION: Elk Rapids Harbor Pavilion

Thank you to our hostesses: Deborah Gale, Carol Thompson, Carol Bocskay, Kathy Finnigan

October 24th: Plant This, Not That

Lindsey Bona-Eggeman is the invasive species coordinator for Antrim County whose role is to protect natural resources, the economy, and human health in northern lower Michigan through collaborative outreach and management of invasive species. Lindsey will tell us how NOT to introduce new invasive species to our landscapes.

LOCATION: First Presbyterian Church

Thank you to our hostesses: Karin Wolfe, Ann Pentland, Ginny Dorner, Ann McDonald-Hintze

November/December: Hanging of the Greens

Greens, swags, and garlands will be prepared and placed on the Swan, Library door, Town Hall, and Pedestrian Bridge. Date: TBD.

The Elk Rapids Garden Walk

On July 13th, 2021, six lovely gardens educated and delighted visitors as they strolled through the spaces and paths enjoying vibrant native plants and pollinators. Take a look back at the 2021 Garden Walk and stay tuned for updates on our next Garden Walk event!

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Since 1931

Through the years, there have been many who have volunteered their time and energy to the Elk Rapids Garden Club. Our collective mission is to be environmentally conscientious as we beautify our homes and village, cultivate a taste, knowledge and love of flowers, plants, trees, and a true friendship with fellow members.

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