Our Gardens

Beautifying the village of Elk Rapids, Michigan — one garden at a time.

“Gardening is the art that uses flowers and plants as paint, and the soil and sky as canvas.”

— Elizabeth Murray —

Our Elk Rapids Community Gardens

Arrowhead Garden: Iva's North

Located at the Northeast corner of Ames Street and US 31, near the Shell Station
Mrs. Iva Byerly created this beautiful garden in 1983 and redesigned it in 1999. Arrowhead Garden: Iva’s North is a tribute to her 25 years of dedication to the Garden Club. We are thankful for the continued support of Iva’s family which has supported continued growth of this garden including the additions of a pebbled path and bench.

Blue Star Memorial Garden

Located in front of the Elk Rapids Chamber of Commerce at 305 US 31
Renovated and enlarged in 2005, this garden features colorful perennials blooming all summer long to greet visitors at the Elk Rapids Chamber of Commerce. Renamed in 2012 after being dedicated to our Veterans as a Blue Star Memorial By-Way marker, visitors can also stop and meet the village swan, Tallulah, near this garden.

River Street Entrance Garden

Located at the corner of River Street and US 31
Originally planted by the Garden Club in the 1970s and known as the Port of Elk Rapids Garden, this garden space was revamped and expanded in 1998. The River Street Entrance Garden is a beautiful focal point, welcoming visitors to the Village of Elk Rapids. Filled with sedums, rudsbeckia, daylilies, crocosmia and brightly colored geraniums, it really captures your attention as you enter our village.

Arrowhead Garden: South

Located at the Southeast Corner of Ames Street and US 31
This garden was established in 1991. A view of Elk Lake offers a stunning backdrop accenting the swaying movement of the grasses and shrubs, providing texture and color interest. Henrietta, the seagull, greets visitors of this garden.

Mildred Reed Guild Memorial Garden and Library Foundation Plantings

Located on Noble Street at the Elk Rapids Library
Renovated in 2005, this garden was dedicated as a memorial to celebrate the generosity of Mrs. Mildred Reed toward people in need and college students in the community. This garden is filled with a variety of hostas, roses, astible, hydrangea and geraniums. In the fall, the garden is dressed with colorful mums.

Township Hall Garden

Located at 401 River Street
Planted by volunteers in 1998, this garden continues to change and improve. The garden bench provides an opportunity for quiet reflection, with beautiful views of Grand Traverse Bay and the Elk River.

Zupin-Anderson Memorial Garden

Located at 200 Dexter Street
In 1959, this garden was established in memory of Marie Zupin, a past Garden Club President. A new area was added and dedicated in 1985 in memory of another past Club President, Ariel Anderson. This stunning garden not only showcases the vibrant colors of astilbe, iris and geraniums, it is also an official pollinator garden providing both host and nectar Michigan Native Plants to attract bees and butterflies.

Beulah Morrison Garden

Located at the corner of River and Bridge Streets
This garden and gazebo were established in 1997 and renamed for Beulah Morrison in honor of her many years of service to the Elk Rapids Garden Club. This garden provides a secluded spot to sit next to spring blooming crab trees and tulips that give way to summer hostas, geraniums and brightly colored marigolds.

Pedestrian Bridge Garden

Located at 300 River Street
The Historic Marker at the Pedestrian Bridge provides the history of the Island development as well as a brief description of the 1860-era building, which now houses the Elk Rapids Library. The weeping cherry trees, removed in 2014, have been replaced with pink roses. This special location is now more open, offering views of the lovely white bridge with turquoise river water below for your favorite photo.

Yuchasz Walk Through Garden

Located at 132 River Street
Rejuvenated in 1997, this garden was named after Joseph Yuchasz, Sr. who was an active and generous Rotarian in the Elk Rapids community. The curving sidewalks, fragrant viburnum in spring, climbing roses in summer, and perennials add to the natural beauty of this space.

Club Awards 2022

High School Essay Awards — May 2022


Presented by Bonnie Miller, Elk Rapids Schools Liaison

1st Place

Sophia Christian
Read Sophia’s Essay

2nd Place

3rd place

Club Awards 2021

High School Essay Awards — May 2021

Topic: “Protecting Our Surrounding Waters”

Presented by Bonnie Miller, Elk Rapids Schools Liaison

1st Place

Annabelle Parrish
Read Annabelle’s Essay

2nd Place

3rd place

Club Awards 2018-2019

Michigan Garden Clubs 2018 Awards

Yearbook Award 2018

District V 3rd Place

2018 Landscape Garden Walk Award

1st Place — Medium Sized Club

President’s Award of Excellence

Second largest percentage increase in new members within District V

Diamond Club of Distinction

Elk Rapids Garden Club 2018 Awards

State Life Membership Award

Jan Shurte

Conservation Honoree Award

Verna Sak
Donation to: Elk-Skegemog Association

Golden Trowel Award

Darlene Dufort

President's Awards

Mary Fierle
Pat Jackson

20 Year Member Award

Char Brady
Lois Eaton
Sandy Johnson
Judy Oswald

Presented by Pat Jackson

High School Essay Awards — May 2018

Topic: “To what extent can gardens support and protect threatened and endangered species?”

Presented by Bonnie Miller, Elk Rapids Schools Liaison

1st Place

Alea Wilkins

2nd Place

Tori Wilkins

3rd place

Jordan Jansen

Elk Rapids Village Pride Garden Awards – July 2018

Presented by Paula Schmiechel and Susan Green, Award Co-Chairs

Commercial Award

Siren Hall
151 River St. in Elk Rapids, MI

Home Award

Linda and Don Baker
Elk Rapids, MI

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